Garage Hot Rods


I’m a car nut. Have been almost all my life.

The mainstream car magazines focus most of their articles on very expensive, incredibly complex, barely drivable custom cars built by specialty shops.

Those cars are impressive, but I thought hot rodders would also enjoy reading about cars built by everyday enthusiasts in their backyards, driveways, and home garages.

So in 2018 I created Garage Hot Rods.

Initially, I interviewed hot rodders at local car shows. When the pandemic shut down the shows, I started reaching out via social media and interviewing the car owners on the phone or through email.

That has allowed me to write about hot rodders from from 27 states, five Canadian provinces, and Australia, Brazil, Germany, and Sweden. I have published over 130 articles on GHR.

Although the focus is on the cars, what I enjoy the most is hearing and writing about the stories behind them.

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