FIFA World Cup Final Draw

Brazil’s Costa do Sauipe is a beautiful beach resort located on the South Atlantic Ocean. Beaches and palm trees and beautiful weather make it a world-class vacation destination.

But on Friday, there won’t be a lot of relaxing going on, as the 32 teams that have qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil will find out which group they are in, and which teams they will have to face in the group stage next year.

No doubt the event will draw millions of viewers world-wide as supporters hope that their team won’t end up in the “Group of Death” that always seems to emerge at each World Cup.

The draw consists of teams being picked randomly from 4 “pots” to form the 8 groups. The pots consist of the seeded teams (Pot 1), African and South American teams (Pot 2), Asian and North and Central American teams (Pot 3), and European teams (Pot 4).

Traditionally at each World Cup, one of the groups has a set of very strong teams and is called the Group of Death. But the 2014 World Cup has so many quality teams, it is possible that there will be more than one Group of Death on Friday.

In addition to the teams that make up each group, travel could be a big factor that comes out of Friday’s draw. Brazil is a large country, about the same size as the United States, so some groups will have to travel much further than others to play all their games. Estimates for the team travel in the first round range from approximately 2,000 miles to almost 9,000 miles.

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